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The mission of TWO39 is to leverage social entrepreneurship and highly motivated teams to achieve economic prosperity for shareholders, customers, employees, and the local community.


Our brands successfully embody the essential triangle of business: people, process, and technology and extreme commitment to these equilateral principles.



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The mission of TWO39 WORK is to coalesce the technology and entrepreneurial communities of Southwest Florida through collaboration, mentorship, and informative events and programs. Our coworking facility is designed to facilitate the connections required to establish a focal point for these communities to flourish under one roof.

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The mission of TWO39 LABS is to provide startup companies and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to accelerate growth and build successful companies. In turn, these companies will bring and retain economic opportunity, innovation, technology, and investment to Southwest Florida.

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The mission of TWO39 VENTURES is to identify highly curated investments that enable us to be a trusted funding partner for founders, optimize returns for our investors, and create sustained economic opportunity. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, expertise, and the highest standards of professional integrity.


TWO39 MEDIA brings imagination, originality, and ingenuity to small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and individual projects by working closely with clients to create their multi-media goals.

We are dedicated to bringing our clients a unique graphic design experience by providing the best and affordable graphic design packages.


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