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Southwest Florida: How we can innovate and create opportunities for startups TOGETHER

Here at TWO39 LABS, we have recognized a need, want, and opportunity for our Southwest Florida region. With our local universities, colleges, and new businesses continuously building in our region, it is important to adjust our resources to supply the growing needs for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As a small business and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important it is to have a reliable and forward-thinking support system. Even beyond that, we respect and truly believe in the work, vision and mission of entrepreneurs and small businesses. If this sounds like you, please note that we are fully committed to supporting you and your business.

The mission of TWO39 LABS is to provide startup companies and tech-focused entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to accelerate growth and build successful companies. In turn, these companies will bring and retain economic opportunity, innovation, technology, and investment to Southwest Florida.We are looking forward to providing our communities with the resource to supply these ever growing and changing resources.

Our diverse 12-week cohort program is designed to provide innovative startups with the resources and support they need to grow quickly, increase viability, and become pitch-ready for investors and enterprise sales opportunities.

Together with TWO39 WORK and GAN, we can offer mentorship, free co-working space, weekly curriculum sessions and events, connections to local experts and investors, and other tremendous resources for startups in, around, or even outside of our region.

“I’m extremely excited to be working on the TWO39 Labs project. Everything I do in my role with TWO39, Fusion Pointe, and the SWFRTP is about connecting the tech community, creating opportunities and economic growth in the region,” said Alex Allen, TWO39 LABS co-founder and program director. “This is yet another way to help impact growth in our backyard.Alex Allen, TWO39 LABS co-founder.”

Southwest Florida is rapidly transforming into a hub of opportunities for startups and tech-focused entrepreneurs. We are here to help facilitate and encourage this growth in our region. We are confident that this is only the start to the innovation blossoming in our local communities.

If you or anyone you know has a startup, the time is now.

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