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The mission of TWO39 is to leverage social entrepreneurship and highly motivated teams to achieve economic prosperity for shareholders, customers, employees, and the local community. Our brands successfully embody the essential triangle of business: people, process, and technology and extreme commitment to these equilateral principles.


What does TWO39 stand for?"


Yes, already we have been asked that questions numerous times - and they are good questions - so let's answer them.


TWO39 (we pronounce it "Two Thirty Nine") is in recognition of our dedication to Southwest Florida, where "239" is the area code.

Mostly comprised of Lee and Collier counties (and even a little more), we believe there is a technology community that has flown "under the radar" for far too long and our mission is to change that for the better.


While our activities may take us far and wide, our base of operations and focus for growth will be centered in Southwest Florida. Known for it's beautiful Gulf Coast location, the 239 area also is the home of major corporations, leading technology companies, universities, and investment resources.


Naples, alone, is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, with a top-10 highest per capita income and the second-highest proportion of millionaires per capita. 



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