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TWO39 LABS X SecondMuse: Partnering to Prioritize the Needs of Entrepreneurs and Startups

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

TWO39 LABS is proud to partner with SecondMuse in SWFL.

In its partnership together, the tech focused TWO39 LABS and economy based SecondMuse hopes to lead startups and entrepreneurs towards the right direction in mentorship, networking, and collaboration.

SecondMuse collaborates with visionary governments, corporations, foundations and startups to build 21st-century economies. At the core of our economies are people, communities and networks. From Brooklyn to Bali, its programs span geographies, sectors and size of business.

The mission of TWO39 LABS is to provide tech startup companies and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to accelerate growth and build successful companies. In turn, these companies will bring and retain economic opportunity, innovation, technology, and investment to Southwest Florida.

The two accelerator programs are looking towards their collective partnership. While similar in missions, the programs differ in its target market. TWO39 LABS and SecondMuse are excited to work together to prioritize the needs of startups and entrepreneurs; connecting them to their appropriate resources.

“We have been in contact with Jon and the SecondMuse team since we started this initiative, and we all believe that our programs can complement each other extremely well, if we make the conscious effort to collaborate for the good of the community.” said Alex Allen, Cofounder of TWO39.

“That’s right,” remarked Jonathan Romine, Project Manager for SecondMuse, “Knowing that we have a passionate team focused on tech development in our region allows us to focus in other areas, share resources, and lean on one another’s strengths and focus.”

We are tremendously excited to see how these two groups work together to strengthen the SWFL economy through empowering new entrepreneurs across all lines of business.

Follow our social media to see how our collaboration will continue to expand the technology ecosystem in Southwest Florida.

SecondMuse website:


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